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Our commitments

This is a Category II tourist office. It is also a member of the Offices de Tourisme de France network.


We undertake to :

 - provide easily accessible reception and information areas

 - help you with planning, bookings etc. – provide seating

 - provide free information about local sightseeing and visitor amenities

 - provide free access to WiFi

 - display and circulate opening times in at least two foreign languages

 - be open at least 240 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays during the peak season or during major events

 - reply to letters throughout the year

 - provide permanent reception staff who speak at least two foreign languages

 - supply printed tourist maps, street plans and tourist guides

 - give you access to our trilingual website

 - circulate printed tourist information on the following subjects, translated into at least two foreign languages:

 - all graded holiday accommodation, including at least the name, postal address, email address, website address, phone number and grade;

 - places of interest (cultural, environmental or leisure-related) including an indication of standard prices, opening dates and times, website address, phone number and postal address;

 - special events and entertainment;

 - emergency phone numbers.

 -update tourist information on an annual basis

 - display emergency phone numbers outside the tourist office

 - present all that our area has to offer, for all visitors

 - process your complaints and measure visitor satisfaction – provide you with a holiday adviser

 - guarantee the reliability and relevance of the information about local tourist attractions